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...And you'll never have to ask someone else to take your photo again

...And you'll never have to ask someone else to take your photo again

Welcome to the world of photography. You’re probably already taking some photos, and getting used to your camera. You’ve either heard of Manual Mode, or already played around with a few settings, but you’re still looking for that feeling of confidence that only comes from having a deep understanding of all aspects offered by Manual Mode.

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Even though shooting with Manual Mode takes a good chunk of time to really get a hang of, shooting with Manual Mode opens up your photography to infinite creativity, endless customization, and a playing field with no limitations - Everything is up to you.

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The hard part is understanding the concepts that make up Manual Mode, and that’s what I’ll help you with. At the end of our time together, you will have this feeling of confidence being behind your camera because you’ve created an unshakeable understanding of foundational topics that make up Manual Mode. Scroll down to see everything you will learn, and what exciting learning aids I have for you to make the class as engaging, easy to learn from, and as fun as possible!

Get ready to learn:

*Everything* about Manual Mode:

You will learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. What they mean, how they affect the look of the photo, and how each setting affects the lighting of the photo, too. As a bonus, I will teach you a trick to make your photos look so much better on the camera monitor. You'll be happier with your shots, and your clients will be more excited straight from the start!

What Exposure Means

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One of your main goals as a photographer is to ensure each photo you take is properly exposed. You hear photographers rave about their perfectly exposed shots. But what does that even mean? You will learn exactly what this means. Not through theory, but instead through looking at photos that are over-exposed, under-exposed, and properly exposed. Then, you will be briefly introduced to how you can use exposure in a more artistically creative way. This way of presenting the subject will create links within your brain where you will be able to quickly and simply understand the differences between all sorts of exposed photos and know exactly what type of photos you're aiming for most of the time, as a photographer.

How to Get Perfect Exposure Every Time

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What is that wonky green scale at the bottom of the video? That's a light meter, and it helps you ace the exposure on each and every shot you'll take from now until the end of time. It is so useful, in fact, that you will start using it for each and every photo you take. And you'll get to learn all about it!

How to Get Exactly What You Want in Focus

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I will pass on a few tips to help take the task of "What should I focus on?" away from your camera, and fully in your hands. Usually, by default, the camera is set up to do the thinking itself. This thinking is "What's the closest object to me in the frame? That? Ok! Focus on that!". But that's not always useful, so I will help teach you how to modify your focus settings to allow for extremely precise focusing, allowing you to nail focus on any object you want - Even if it is through tree branches!

What to Look Forward to

Live View Through My Lens

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A view straight through the lens of my camera, while keeping track of the exact settings I use - Live. You will be able to see, in real-time, as I change my settings, and instantly see how this changes the image through my lens. This will help me nail important points down by letting you experience the impact of the point visually, and in real-time

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An E-mail to Recap

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You will have covered a lot. A lot of it, you will remember. But it's still so nice to read an overview of what you covered during our time together.

Explore Theories with Your Camera

Per each major point we cover, you will have an activity to do with your own camera to gain a deeper understanding of the concept at hand.

An Exceptionally Helpful Graphic

You will receive a PDF file from hamburger-fotospots, referred to as "Entire Photography Class in One Photo" to use as a reference while you are cementing how shutter speed, ISO, and aperture all work together to create the photo you want. You will be able to use this graphic as a reference while planning your photos, and it will help bring everything you learned together!

A Q/A to Wrap Up

At the end of the session there is always an open Q/A to help quench additional curiosities you have about photography. The questions could be about anything at all. Perhaps you saw a photo and you're wondering how it was taken. Perhaps you have a concept in your mind you can't exactly wrap your mind around. Maybe you just want to know a good place to shop for gear. Make a list of any and all questions you have, and get ready to take the microphone and share everything you got at the end of the class.

And of Course...

The feeling of confidence when being behind the camera because you know exactly what each setting means and what they do. You'll also get to enjoy the knowledge of knowing exactly what settings you require for each shot you are aiming to accomplish. It's truly a feeling of freedom :)

Ready to Reserve Your Spot?

Instead of setting a predefined amount of time for learning, you will be in charge of how much time we spend together, which means we will go at your speed. Generally, I cover the materials in about 2 hours, but you can take 3, 4 (or more). It's entirely up to you. My only goal is for you to attain a deep level of understanding for these concepts mentioned above, to the point that you are able to understand them fully, and more importantly, use them in everyday life - right away. The concepts above will be outlined in a conversational manner, so that way you're able to ask questions and test out the concepts you learn right away with your own camera. All you need to know is that it's $60/hr. I'll take care of the rest!

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