Blockchain Transaction Trackers


Ever sent a crypto transaction and just sat there waiting anxiously for it to arrive, having no idea what's happening in the meantime, or even if you sent it to the right place?

Well there turns out to be a way for you to see all the behind the scenes details of what's going on with your transactions. You can see delivery status, the address to which you sent it to, and much, much more information, that you can use to track the transactions you've started.

This has many uses:

- When you are looking back at your past year for tax purposes and want to remember exactly what you did during a certain transaction. How? Blockchain Transaction Trackers

- When you are following up on a transaction you sent to see what the hold up is. How? Blockchain Transaction Trackers

- When you are researching what happens to people's money once they interacted with a certain contract unfamiliar to you.

How? Blockchain Transaction Trackers

- When you want to see when something is launched or a change to a contract is made. How? Blockchain Transaction Trackers

- When you want to perform blockchain data analytics. How? Blockchain Transaction Trackers

- Or if you simply want to go snoop around your, or other people's wallets. Blockchain Transaction Trackers do it all.

Blockchain Transaction Trackers give you the ability to look behind the curtain at what's going on, but you have to know how to use them... To use them. (A novel concept, I know).

I have included the first four videos free of charge. These first four videos will give you a jump start to understanding them. In the course, you're taken from understanding the Blockchain Transaction Trackers to using them to directly interact with contracts and make stuff happen. Not a lot will be left uncovered after the course is over, so all skill levels have something to gain from upgrading their toolbox with this course.

If you are here for support with doing your taxes (Specifically, using the Blockchain Transaction Trackers to figure out what you were doing during the transactions you do not recognize), then you'll probably want Matty's course too. His teaches you how to categorize all the different types of transactions in Koinly properly. This is important because once you remind yourself what you were doing, you have to categorize your transaction properly. And you won't know how to categorize your transaction properly unless you know what that specific transaction looks like properly categorized! Matty's Course teaches all that. 

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